The Story So Far...
Crispy - voice
Tommy Rodriguez - guitar
Greta Brinkman - bass
Rob Mosby - drums
White Cross Reunites After 20 Years
  In the summer of 2009 White Cross was asked to perform a reunion show at Benny Waldbauer's benefit for hospice. Mikey Rodriguez refused to play with White Cross, probably because he has "found the lord", we do not know who to feel more sorry for, Mikey or the Lord. Anyway, Mikey suggested we ask his brother Tommy to fill in for him. So we did. Tommy stepped up to the task beautifully and has become the permanent White Cross guitarist. The last active White Cross line-up, Crispy, Rob, and Joel all played as well. White Cross did such a fabulous job and had so much fun they decided to keep the band active. However, Joel was already playing with some other band, so White Cross asked Greta Brinkman to join. She did, and we couldn't be happier, it's all down hill from here. History is about to be remade! -see more about the Benny-Fit
The Beginning
  White Cross was formed in Richmond, Va. circa 1980 the original members were, Crispy, Mikey Rodriguez, Alford Faulkner, and Scotty Price. The band originally called themselves Red Cross. They changed the name to White Cross after being served a cease-and-desist order from the American Red Cross organization.
At the time cheap little speed pills called white crosses were popular with the more enlightened citizenry.   Gimme drugs!
So, that's why the name White Cross was chosen, certainly not for any religious purposes, or for any KKK crap, or appreciation of any other cult assholes. Fuck a cult.

White Cross played often in and around the Richmond area. Alford Faulkner left the band not long after the name change. He would later play with The Prevaricators. No one knows why.

If you have any photos of Red Cross or the original White Cross or any that should be on this site please e-mail them to us.

In 1982 White Cross recorded the critically acclaimed EP entitled Fascist.
The EP was recorded "live" in Studio 2, at the Union Theological Seminary.
Penn Rollins played bass.


White Cross Rules!

Suck My Dick!

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