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White Cross is the SHIT!

Today we're pushing our totally cool new super-hardcore CD called...
Awesome Dude!
including and limited to...
1. New and Improved
2. Murder Weapon
3. Are You Ready
4. Deaf Dumb and Blind
5. Waiting To Die
6. Rock 'N' Roll -Pt.2
7. More Lies
8. What A Turnout
9. MTV
10. Wimpy Boy
11. Pass The Buck
12. Shaftman
13. Wasted
14. Fly Their Flag
15. Too Much Caffeine
16. Jump Up My Ass Pt.2
17. Same Old Shit
18. Something For Nothing
19. Sell Out
20. Child Abuse
21. I'm Not Listening
22. Wrong Time, Wrong Place
23. You Won't Be Here Tomorrow
24. Pink Flamingos
25. Sex Machine
26. Can't Handle The Load
27. Breznev's Dead
28. Stepping Stone
29. Fascist
30. No Straight Edge
31. Speed Of The Presses
32. American Way Of Life
33. Jump Up My Ass Pt.1
34. Suburbanite
35. Nuke Attack
36. Fucked Up
37. Louie Louie
38. Fed Up
39. James Bond
40. Robot Girls/Robot Boys
41. I Get Depressed

all songs copyright WHITE CROSS 1981-85 except where they're not

Songs 1 thru 12 are previously unreleased, and talk about good, this CD is FUCKIN' GREAT !!!
Old School, New School, we'll take you TO school!
Talk about HARDCORE, talk about PUNK, talk about THRASH, talk about SEMINAL.
This is THE FUCKIN' SHIT !!!
You wanna know what punk-rock is? Put this fuckin' CD on and TURN IT UP!
You'll find out real fast what punk-rock is all about!
Not for the weak or faint-hearted.

Available at any record store that's worth a fuck !!!
Or get it direct from...

We would like to thank the many people who supported us and helped us make it happen.
Particularly, Tom Zimmerman (hands down, the greatest sound-man in the known universe)
and Joel Reiff for sound and technical assistance.
Thurston Howes III, Cindy Hicks and Rick "Porkrind" Rollins for photos.
And all our fans and friends!
White Cross Rocks !!!
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Copyright © 1996 White Cross Productions