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White Cross Rocks !!!


...AND WHY...

Probably the first time I really sat down and listened to WHITE CROSS
was on one of those Mystic Records comps with 50 kazillion bands all mashed together.
Boy-o-boy. We're talking primal raw thrash with little in the way of production values,
but a whole lot of oommph! Way later on, I picked up a comp on 77KK Records out of
France. The WHITE CROSS track on side B stuck out like a sore thumb due to its all out
ferocity. So years later, I had decided my task was to start re-issuing and first issuing
the music that did and still does mean so much to me.

I was pretty surprised that as of yet, no one had done Richmond, Virginia's most
infamous hardcore hellraisers. So, my desparate quest to find WHITE CROSS led me to a
sizeable phone bill and finally to the intended pray, err, ahh, proper parties.
Joel Benson(bass) sent me out a tape of all their recorded works and I was immediately
blown away by the awesome tuneage contained therein. Being the sarcastic asshole that
I am, I called Joel and asked him if he "thought I would seriously put out such stuff?!"
(me knowing full well they were so good I had to do it!). So, anyhow, whether you view
this as a historical documentation of crucial music and ideas or just plain rad tunes,
then what you have here is great tuneage at an affordable price.

-GTA Owner/President

wishes to thank the following persons for helping make this CD happen:

First come the WHITE CROSS folks, Bob S. at Plan 9 Records in Richmond,
Gretchen (ex Unseen Hand and pal), Katz, Thrashead, Al Flipside,
Micheal and Debbie Rozon, Bomp!, Chris BCT,
and a cast too numerous to list, like yourself, for supporting our efforts.

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White Cross for YOU !!!
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